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Consultant @M2I Danışmanlık;
Innovation Scouter @Fark Labs


Consultant @M2I Danışmanlık

We had the opportunity to work with Tuğba on technology roadmaps, technology self-assessment and TRIZ. In all projects, we saw that  she conveyed her experience in the highest way by combining her endless energy, positive communication, self-sacrificing and meticulous approach with her creative side. Moreover, with her smiling and positive energy, she became the teammate we always sought. We believe that the teams that will work with her, are very lucky as she will transfer her 23 years of R&D and technology management experience to many more projects and different companies from now on. In order to share her deep knowledge, the results of which have been verified by patents, especially in the field of TRIZ, she will continue her internal training adventure, which she started successfully, as a trainer in different companies, and will undertake result-oriented studies in all areas in which she specializes. Good luck with working on projects together.


Director | Research and Development
@TEKNOROT OTOMOTIV Ürünleri San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Tuğba is well-equipped and experienced with 22 years spent with full innovation at Arçelik, one of the largest companies in our country. These qualities are invaluable to us when you compare them with those who train and advise on innovation but have little experience in their professional life. Even in the one-day seminar she gave in our company, she helped us meet many concepts and opened our horizons in new innovation studies. We want to be together with her again as soon as possible and do new works together.


R&D Manager

A large part of our business life is problem solving. When we encounter big obstacles and we haven't decided what to do or which way to go, we feel ourselves in a big cloud of fog. When working with Tuğba, it means you have a guide in that fog. She enlightens you with her competencies such as TRIZ, 6Sigma, FMEA, Benchmarking, SWOT, and innovative approaches. You run to the solution and walk together, and as you get closer to the light, you feel that the burden on your shoulders is getting lighter. Working with her gives you strength, makes you feel safe, and you enjoy what you do. This is the summary of our years of working side by side...


Product Safety Manager

We had the opportunity to work with Tuğba for many years. She reflected her innovative and customer-oriented approach in her reliability and safety test design studies. Tuğba, who brought many challenging tests and methodologies to our company's library, also contributed to the development of many young talents with her knowledge, collaborative and sharing attitude. I am sure that she will be a source of inspiration and success for them by reaching many talents across the country in this new journey she is now embarking on.


Strategic Advisor
@Maxfield & Parrish

Such a wonderful person to work with on challenging projects to find creative solutions and applicable ideas.


Factory Director @ARCTIC S.A.

Throughout her working life, I witnessed Tuğba become an authority, in R&D and production processes, beyond expertise. She has always stood out with her innovative idea generation competence and successful innovation studies. She contributed to the training of many successful employees. This unique knowledge and experience gained in a large and corporate company will be instructive and guiding not only for our country but also for foreign companies. Working with her in her new professional life, which she will walk under her own brand, will provide us important contributions as always.


Director @Koç University
Design Consultant  for Industries 

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